Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Fellowship of Independent Reformed Evangelicals (F.I.R.E.) . . . national conference, Seattle, May 20-22, 2013

Fellowship of Independent Reformed Evangelicals.
Est. 2000.
"Every Spiritual Blessing" (Eph. 1:3) is the theme for the 2013 national conference of the Fellowship of Independent Reformed Evangelicals (F.I.R.E., est. 2000).

Along with four pastors, Carl Trueman, author and Professor of Historical Theology and Church History at Westminster Theological Seminary near Philadelphia, is a plenary speaker.

This year's conference is being held May 20-22, 2013, near Seattle, at Northwest University in Kirkland, Washington. Come and bless us with your presence! (Last year's conference was held in Louisiana.)

Uncommon Christian Ministries has been a member of F.I.R.E. since 2011, having been active in a F.I.R.E. ministry (Voice in the Wilderness) in Jerusalem, Israel, August 2009 to July 2011.

F.I.R.E. "is a unifying network for independent Reformed (and Reforming) baptistic churches to experience mutual edification, fellowship, cooperation and prayerful support in ministries and missions. There is no membership fee. Each project is initiated and overseen by a local church. Other churches may be invited to participate by sharing their time or resources. The success of the network is dependent on the committed involvement of the members."

The ecclesiastical fellowship adheres to the Second London Baptist Confession of Faith 1689 and the London Baptist Confession of Faith 1644. And affirms the Five Solas of the Protestant Reformation:

    Sola Scriptura - Scripture Alone
    Sola Fide - Faith Alone
    Soli Deo Gloria - the Glory of God Alone
    Solus Christus - Christ Alone
    Sola Gratia - Grace Alone

Here is a 5-minute introductory video on F.I.R.E. It is from the May 2008 national conference in Mount Hermon, California. Be blessed!

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