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I. (Irvin) Francis Kyle III was born in Florida, raised in Ohio and Connecticut, and became a Christian during the first of his nine years as a seasonal waiter at historic Lake Crescent Lodge in Washington State's Olympic National Park.
Prior to Olympic, he worked one season at the historic Many Glacier Hotel in Glacier National Park in Montana and Chisos Mountains Lodge in Big Bend National Park in Texas.
Since his conversion to Christianity (Evangelical Protestant), and up to 2009, he has worked as a seasonal waiter in Olympic National Park, basketball coach (middle school, high school, community college), substitute public school teacher (K-12), youth pastor and college campus minister, author and community activist in and near Port Angeles, Washington.
Dr. Kyle spent 26 months of ministry/pilgrimage/sabbatical in Israel and the Palestinian Territories (2009-11), served a church in Marysville, Washington (2012-13) and a church in Louisville, Kentucky (2013-19).
After studying at the University of Hartford in Connecticut, Kyle graduated from Alberta, Canada's Prairie College (B.A.), Ontario, Canada's Toronto Baptist Seminary (M.Div., Th.M.) and Portland, Oregon's Western Seminary (D.Min.). A lifelong learner, recent and ongoing (online) studies include process improvement methodologies (Lean Six Sigma) and human sciences and business certificate courses from such schools as University of California-BerkeleyVillanova University and Yale University.
With a diversity of interests and passions, and among others, he is a member of the American Motorcyclist Association, American Society of Church History, Evangelical Missiological SocietyEvangelical Theological Society, Fellowship of Independent Reformed Evangelicals (F.I.R.E.), Iron Butt Association ("The World's Toughest Motorcycle Riders"), National Trust for Historic Preservation and Nineteenth Century Studies Association.
In November 2007, Dr. Kyle founded Uncommon Christian Ministries.
The preaching and writing ministry seeks to expose those yet outside of the faith to "uncommon" (biblical) Christianity. And to instruct and encourage "common" Christians to flee spiritual immaturity and mediocrity and seek to become "uncommon" or mature, growing Christians (Heb. 6:1, 2 Pet. 3:8).
The historical model for the evangelism and discipleship-themed ministry is James Brainerd Taylor (1801-1829). The once popular but since forgotten Princeton University and Yale Seminary-trained Taylor defined an uncommon Christian as an "eminently holy, self-denying, cross-bearing, Bible, everyday" Christian.
Kyle's two books (University Press of America, 2007, 2008) on the Second Great Awakening evangelist, distant cousin of famed First Great Awakening missionary David Brainerd (1718-1747) and primary founder of the Princeton Christian Fellowship campus ministry (est. 1825, renamed Princeton Evangelical Fellowship in 1931, renamed PCF in 2017) received over 40 recommendations from various professors, church historians, pastors, evangelists, authors, and university campus ministers and students from around the globe. The books are part of a hoped-for series of 6-10 books on uncommon Christianity. 
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