Tuesday, January 15, 2008

New UCM web site launched today (Jan. 15, 2008) . . . regular blogging to begin soon

Alas, Uncommon Christian Ministries' new web site is launched: www.uncommonchristian.com. Mark the date--January 15, 2008. After a several year wait and much work, a new era has begun. Exciting! (Among other domain names, the UCM web site will also work when clicking on http://www.franciskyle.com/ and http://www.jamesbrainerdtaylor.com/)

*NOTE: The 19-page web site is about 65% complete. Written documents (via Google Documents), photo albums (via Flickr), audio (via a yet-to-be-determined online provider) and video (via You Tube) still need to be added. For now, the site's foundation is complete.

I will begin regular blogging in the coming weeks or months. Stay tuned. Viewers of the UCM web site can access this Google Blog from the site.

Scroll down to see some pictures.